Start of registration is postponed


We are not happy with this situation, unfortunately the registration will start about one or two days later. We will keep you infromed about next steps.


51. Brdská stezka - yes, tradition goes on


Dear visitor of these web sites,

I would like to welcome you as warmly as possible on these pages regarding the Brdská stezka ultra race.

Not sure what is the reason you decided to have a look on this pages, however I hope you are looking for some detailed info about the race, its term, how and when the registration will starts. If the answer is at least one of the reasons mentioned above yes, you are in the right place.

At the beginning we would like to say short summary about the history of this race. Brdská stezka is one of the oldest ultra-races in Czech Republic. The 100 km race was originally divided on two-stages. The first one was driven at night, mostly on the roads, the day part already led through forest roads, hiking trails; it could be said in the spirit of trails.

During the last 17 years the 100km route was omitted and Brdská stezka was primarily focused on a 50km running ultramarathon. Hiking trails up to 50 km in length were more of a complement to the event.

The year 2017 and 50th anniversary should be the last for Brdská stezka race, which made us very concerned and we started to think about the possibility of taking over the race. We want to build on the original spirit which was one hundred-kilometer route, adding a fifty-kilometer cross-country trail as a part of the EuropaCup ECU. Some walking routes will be available as well in order to create a unique combination for any of you, fans. Without your help and support an event like Brdská stezka would be impossible to achieve. Enroll and help us to create this memorable event, sustaining your friends or relatives participating to the race. It will be an unforgettable experience. Hope you enjoy it